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Welcome to Wisebuyhome's warranty claim submission form.  If you are inquiring about the status of the existing claim you can send an email to

Please read before submitting your claim.

This warranty form is for appliances sold in the province of Ontario only.

Appliances with a purchase price below $499 and/or located outside our service area are not eligible for in-home service call, store credit only.  Contact one of our stores directly.

Following problems are not covered by the warranty, serivice charge will apply:

1. Faulty receptacles, circuit breakers/fuses, water valves, house wiring

2. Kinked, improper, sub-standard drains/water/power supply lines

3. Cosmetic damages (scratches/dents etc) once appliance leaves the store.  

5. Ripped/torn front load washer bellows (rubber door seals).

6. Damages due to act of god/nature/negligence/utility failure etc.

7. Improper installations

8. Refrigerators that were turned on right after delivery.  (Wait at least 5 hours after installation before turning the fridge on)

9. Problems as a result of improper storage.

10. Regular maintenance including, but not limited to cleaning, light bulbs, filters, consumable chemicals, adjustments etc.

11. Food spoilage and lost clothing items.

Following problems are only covered for 30 days after delivery:

1.  Refrigeration ice/water

2.  Clogged drains, pumps, sumps etc.

3. Clogged or frozen refrigerator defrost drains

4. Refrigeration door gaskets

Warranty is VOID in case of:

1.  Improper use/abuse of appliance, or use for purpose other than residential

2. Repairs done by a third party without approval from Wisebuyhome.

3.  Customer's refusal to pay for no-fault service call.


If you've read and agree to the above click here to proceed to the claim form.