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Hello and Happy New Year,
I would like to take a moment and share with you my many postive experiences at WiseBuy Home in Stoney Creek. Over the past year my family and I have been shopping at this location. Each time we visit we have the pleasure of working with Anton. Anton is an exceptional sales representative who is incredibly charasmatic, earnest and accommodating. Whether we were purchasing a stand mixer, refridgerator or washer and dryer, Anton demonstrates keen customer relations skills, honesty and product knowledge. We have left the store after each purchase full of confidence and satisfaction with the process and product. We look forward to working with Anton in 2012 and purchasing more appliances for our new home at the best prices possible.  We know that Anton will take care of us and give us the BEST deal everytime.
Please share this message with management, sales clerks and especially Anton. It is important that WiseBuy Home corporation see the impact of individual effort and how much it is appreciated by the consumer.

~Ana Truden~